Thursday, July 17, 2014


Acold coffee holds so many precious memories for me.So so many! It was one of those drinks Amma made for us after school.She used to be so delighted in making it for us. And the two of us were equally happy to gulp it down during those hot,humid Summer-y days in Kannur. Ritchie,my brother, loved it more than me. It was a fact that was known to all 4 of us. He was almost addicted to it and would ask for two tall glasses every time we drank it.
Then later, when Amma refused to make as much as he used to ask for,since it's quite high in sugar, he learnt to make it all by himself. He was really small then. We have an age gap of 8.5 years between the two of us. So when I was in 10th standard, he was only in 2nd grade. He was so happy to have learnt the art of making a good cold coffee that, he would check with me ever so often, whether I needed some.He never measured the ingredients.He just knew it!
Tropical Iceberg will always be the drink I'd order from Cafe Coffee Day.Those countless cloudy evenings when Vasu, Anjana & myself would spend at the M.G. Road Cafe were such fun filled days! We would carry our assignments,sip into our cold coffee ( just me and Vasu...Anjana is an espresso drinker!)and pretend as if we were working on them just so that they wouldn't ask us to clear off from the tables.
Moving to the United States ended my Tropical Iceberg dreams.Seriously.Wherever I went, it just wasn't the same. I was pretty sure that it existed somewhere. Maybe not by the same name but it did exist. That's how I consoled myself. Whenever I ordered a cold coffee here, it would be ice cubes and some coffee diluted with milk thrown into one big container with a straw.The coffee orders are huge unless you know what size you want. And when you place a wrong order while you are experimenting with things,a Large can feel like an XXL!
Later, I even hated the idea of going to coffee shops here. But. After moving to Minneapolis, I went to a coffee shop called Caribou and tried explaining to the girl behind the counter, the kind of coffee I wanted. I did this at every store I visited before, but in vain! Immediately,she said,'Oh! You mean the blended kind?'. THANK GOD! Yes! That's exactly what I wanted. Atleast,it sounded like that. When the order came, I was so so happy that it was the exact same thing I always wanted!
From then on, I only go to a Caribou. Yes, no Starbucks for me.I've even got Jobin's Mummy hooked on to it. She tells me to order that coffee I like.The problem starts when we go out of State. Caribou is not as widespread as it's counterparts. Which means, I don't drink coffee when we go elsewhere! Why take a chance,right? So guys, this is how we make it at home. This tastes more like what Amma makes and a bit of Tropical Ice Berg. And the blended coffee I drink here, is a mix of the two.
Serves 2

1 1/2 cups milk
1 1/2 to 2 tablespoons sugar
1 tablespoons instant coffee powder
2 scoops of Milk Chocolate Gelato / Ice Cream
Chocolate syrup

Freeze the milk in a ziptop back until it's almost frozen.It should squish if you press hard.Pour the chocolate syrup randomly inside,on the sides of the serving glass.
Blend together the chilled milk, sugar & coffee powder together until they become slushy. Pour it into the chocolate syrup lined glass, top it with a scoop of gelato and decorate with extra chocolate syrup and coffee powder . Serve right away!

Ian can probably have a sip or two of this iced coffee and that would be it! It's too much caffeine for that little guy! Please feel free to adjust the ingredients to your taste. You can even use Vanilla Ice Cream or Coffee Ice Cream if that's what you have on hand! Don't forget to sit back, relax and enjoy this cold summery drink!


Hamaree Rasoi said...

Rai, Iced coffee looks simply awesome and mouthwatering. Excellent preparation.

Anu Menon said...

That looks perfect for a summer indulgence!

Anonymous said...

Hi Ria,
It was great meeting you yesterday! love your blog and looking forward to trying the iced coffee :)

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