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Monday, August 29, 2011



We were busy for the past 2 days. What did we do, you may ask?They ate and enjoyed shopping around my little town, Kannur. I enjoyed seeing them eat and driving them around this little town.I got to meet these 'komali's'/clowns almost after 2 years. They couldn't come for our wedding but we made up for all that now! :)

We are the hostel friends. None of us studied in the same class or even the same college.Some of them are my juniors but as friends, we are one good gang. We've met each others friends and some of them are our good friends now. We know each others family and now we feel like we all are part of one big family.
Fun at the Beach!
No matter how far away we are from each other or how rare we speak or write a note to each other, we know we are in each others thoughts.It's amazing to realise that nothing's changed between us even though some of us are married! We are still the laughing bunch of crazy girls, who still don't care about who's looking at us except for when I remind them that people may recognise me who lived all her life in Kannur! :-) I am so blessed to have such a great bunch of real real, real good girlfriends!
Life is worth living
Wherever you are,
Deep down in dungeon
Or high on a star.

Life is worth living
It all has a plan
When God knows
you're giving
The best that you can.

The saint and the sinner,
The great and the small,
We all are God's children
And He loves us all.

So pray when you're happy
And pray when you're blue,
For life is worth living
When God lives with you.


ANU said...

very nice post with about friends!

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manjooo said...

Life isn't worth living without friends :)

Seema Kamath alias Seema Abbas Ali said...


How I envy you... Haven't met my school or college frenz since like ages altogether. Loved watching all the pics in FB and turned green!!!


Magpie said...

Friends from hostel are the best! miss my girls so much! So great you got to meet up with your gang Ria. Loved the pics you shared.

Aarthi said...

hope u had a great time...enjoy

notyet100 said...

Poem is so good :) enjoy

Ninu said...

I love this post, Ria

Anonymous said...

Ria absolutely loved that first photo. Fabulous post. I lived in a Hostel once and your words refreshed those memories!Thanks. Glad to see you are having a blast.

Sanctified Spaces said...

Really loved those cool lines of poetry. You are truly blessed.

Jidhu Jose said...

Wow....i think first time here

like the first pic with chapels

San said...

Well said Ria, life makes a lotsa sense with the word friends. First pic is outstanding.

Hilda said...

Loved the colorful pics and your post! The poem is way too good Ria!! :) May you be blessed always!!

Karthika said...

Lucky you....Love their slippers....where did they get it from?

Now Serving said...

how wonderful to reunite with friends - Hope you ladies had a ball :)

♥Sharon♥ said...

The first pic is soo cute!!!

Swapna said...

I just landed on ur blog...and all i could think was WOW..!!! great job... I don't know how i missed your blog till now... will definitely be a regular here...

soja banu said...

Hi Ria!!
Congrats on becoming 'Vanitha Pachaka Rani'!!I really appreciate ur dedication and determination.Keep it up!!

Anonymous said...

wow great poetry simply superb


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