Ria's Collection: October 2012

Friday, October 12, 2012


Last night as I put Ian vaava to sleep,I felt a sense of achievement.I was able to share something with you on my bloggie's birthday. Around 5 am this morning,I recieved a call from Jobin asking if we had shredded coconut at home. I wondered why and asked him the same.I don't remember what his answer was as I was very sleepy then. As usual when we spoke again this morning, the question popped in my head as to why would he need shredded coconut! The question was repeated and the answer was,'check your email'. And that was one of the best surprises ever! Read on for the surprise!

12 Oct 2012
Jobin wrote:

Ria’s blog has turned four, given that she has almost no hobby time I thought something should be done to celebrate the four year mark. So I baked a very basic macaroon cookie to keep up the spirit. All I needed was a cup of shredded coconut, a banana and four pieces of dates. Grind them all together, roll it up and bake it for fourteen minutes on each side at two hundred and seventy five degree and let it cool down. It’s a good cookie for coconut lovers and for people who just love to bake. It is a bit crunchy, filling, satisfying and healthy. I hope people try it and enjoy it. My very dear friend Cor shared this with me and I am sure he will be happy to know it’s been put to good use.

Caution : I am a bad "food photographer".

What should I say other than I am so very very happy right now? :-) And yeah, I think the temperature mentioned is in Fahrenheit. This is definately going to be one my bloggies best birthdays!

Thank you so much,Jobin! And Cor, to you too :-)

Thursday, October 11, 2012

4 YEARS & A BAKING DEMO (again!)

Hello everyone! It's been so long since we had a chat,right? Well, we are currently holidaying in Kannur and will be here for a while just like last time. Oh yeah! one more thing...my little bloggie just turned FOUR yesterday :-) So with my Babychoo in one hand & a 4 year old blog on the other, I've gathered some courage (again!) to conduct another baking demonstration this year as well! So if you are interested,send me a message via feedback form.

Hope to meet some of you in person :)
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