Ria's Collection: February 2009

Saturday, February 21, 2009


Happy Birthday Amma!!!!!!!!!

I'm soooo happy today all because i put my thoughts into action.. the thought of suprising Amma with a cake!! Yes!! I baked it last nite around 1.00 am :) .. i absolutely had no other choice.. and i was sooo worried whether she would be woken up with the mixie sound when i was powdering the sugar!! Ahhh.. nothing like that happend!! I must say my timing was perfect! lol!

Come and see me.. Waiting for the Ganache to set! *drooool* ;D

The remaining batter was made into cupcakes:

Hope cupcakes could grow this way! ;)
Well, this has been a very happy post.. and i'm very happy that i could share it with you all!!
Happy Sunday!!!

Saturday, February 7, 2009


My darling brother Ritchie is an absolute foodie! He is in love with Shawarma! Shawarma and my bro are a great hit together ;) .. yes this is another food & person related post!! :)
I must admit that even I really like it! Well, this post is not about Shawarma , but the bread which encloses the wonderful filling for it! I was browsing through one of my favourite blog and I came across this recipe posted on her website.

This is my first attempt at an Arabian cuisine! Must say it was a good try! I really like the taste of it! This recipe is fuss - free... how can I go wrong when Shn has explained everything so well!!
I know that this post has been a short one but it was very fulfilling all because I really was satisfied with the outcome.. :)
You can find the absolute fuss free recipe here :

So try a hand at making Khoubis and let me know!!
Take Care and come back for more !
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