Ria's Collection: MOCHA LIQUEUR CAKE

Saturday, February 21, 2009


Happy Birthday Amma!!!!!!!!!

I'm soooo happy today all because i put my thoughts into action.. the thought of suprising Amma with a cake!! Yes!! I baked it last nite around 1.00 am :) .. i absolutely had no other choice.. and i was sooo worried whether she would be woken up with the mixie sound when i was powdering the sugar!! Ahhh.. nothing like that happend!! I must say my timing was perfect! lol!

Come and see me.. Waiting for the Ganache to set! *drooool* ;D

The remaining batter was made into cupcakes:

Hope cupcakes could grow this way! ;)
Well, this has been a very happy post.. and i'm very happy that i could share it with you all!!
Happy Sunday!!!


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