Ria's Collection: January 2015

Tuesday, January 20, 2015


It was just before I left for India this time that I saw an email in my inbox from Grihalakshmi, a fortnighty magazine from Kerala. They asked me if I was willing to do a Christmas menu spread for their magazine. Initially, I was not very sure if I would be able to do it because from the day I would land in India, a week long journey was planned already. Since the team was very flexible with their dates, I accepted the offer and the rest is history,as you see it. The shoot happened in our home, in Kannur and it was a fun filled, labour intensive one yet worth every drop of sweat shed!
This was published on 15 December 2014 but,since we were travelling I couldn't update you all earlier. It's better late than never, right?
Rich Hot Chocolate
American Buttermilk Pancakes
Bell Pepper Tempura with Chili Garlic Sauce
Easy Quiche
Cheesy Cauliflower & Sweet Corn Mini Pie
Grilled Chicken & Pasta Salad
Mango Fizz
Mocha Truffles

Tuesday, January 13, 2015


Honey is my soul sister. We were aware of each other's existence, thanks to our food blogs! We were friends on Facebook and that was pretty much what we knew about each other. On a rainy afternoon in June 2013,while Ian was fast asleep, I was scrolling through my Instagram feed,and a particular photograph caught my attention. It was a black and white photograph of rain and the building in the picture looked very familiar. That's when I read the caption which Honey wrote...rain watching in Minneapolis.

I  messaged her immediately,asking if she was free the next day, to meet up for coffee. Things took a turn and we met as a family for Brunch the next day, in one of my most favourite cafe's in Downtown Minneapolis,a few blocks away from our Condo.Ian was just 10 months old then and I must say, he really liked Honey.I am very glad that the feeling is mutual!
The rest is history and a very good one at that! We lived 4 blocks away from each other for a few months,till they moved to their own sweet home, 'Kilikoodu' which means Nest in Malayalam.
When it was time for me to bake a cake for her Baby Shower, the only theme I could think about was a 'Kilikoodu'. It was a surprise shower and I was really hoping that they wouldn't bump into any of the other guests that we had invited. Luckily, everything went really smooth! It was a tall 6 inch Funfetti cake that I baked from scratch with a tinted Vanilla Buttercream. It was a good one, if I may say so myself.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015


Barbie Doll Cake
Iwas a huge Barbie doll fan while growing up and I still have all of them intact with me. Now when I look back, I really don't know what caused that fascination in me. Even today, there are so many little girls who are fond of Barbie dolls and one such girl is celebrating her Birthday today. When her Mother asked me if I could bake a Barbie cake,my heart leaped with joy! I wouldn't give up a chance on recreating that fascination I had when I was a little girl. I really hope little V enjoys this cake I baked for her. From an old gen Barbie fan to a new gen Barbie fan.
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