Ria's Collection: A CAKE FOR A BABY SHOWER -5

Tuesday, May 12, 2015


Baby Shower Cake
There are so many cakes going in and coming out of my oven but only a handful makes their appearance here. It's mostly because of the lack of time to photograph them. I baked this cake for a friend's baby shower last year. Yeah,it took me almost 7-8 months to post it here! B & S sent me the photo of the cake they wanted and I made the exact same cake. They were really pleased with it. The only request was to add some pink stuff to the baby on the cake,since they were having a girl. A big thanks to Divya Maiya for the photographs!
Baby Shower Cake
I also baked a dozen of red velvet cupcakes for the party. Each cupcake was decorated according to the theme. If you look carefully, you can see them in the photograph above. I will be posting another cake I baked for another friend of ours almost a year ago! I should get it all done really soon before their baby turns One! :)


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