Monday, August 10, 2015


Ian Third Birthday
We officially have a THREE year old in our house now! When he turned two,people warned us about 'terrible two's'. I must say we were really lucky as this guy was not a handful,instead,a pleasure to be with. He has grown in size and can read alphabets and numbers without our help. Infact, he started to read alphabets and number when he was around 20 months,even before his second birthday. The best part of it all is that he learnt it all by himself! One day,when we were walking in our corridor,he pointed me toward the exit door and read out each letter by himself. I don't have to explain how shocked I must have been! Same was the case with numbers.
Ian Third Birthday

Appan and Amma were here for his birthday,for the very first time! It was special. I baked a chocolate cake that he had been requesting for his birthday since January for the big day. I covered it with a decadent milk chocolate frosting. He is crazy about construction vehicles now,so it was a construction site kind of a cake for him. He loved it!

For his party,I made a George pig cake from the cartoon Peppa Pig. For that, I made a vanilla pound cake with vanilla buttercream. We don't do fondant for our personal cakes.It's butter all the way!
Ian Third Birthday

This year,he has learnt to run a lot faster,throw and catch ball really well as well as to jump up high and land with perfect balance. His current favourite shows are Mickey Mouse, Peppa Pig, Blaze,Pocoyo,Thomas and Friends,Masha and the Bear and Tayo the Little Bus. The party update took me the longest as I was almost drowning in school assignments and tests. Yes, even we have tests and assignments :-) So without much further talk,here are the details!
Ian Third Birthday

Saturday Brunch Menu

Fresh Peach Sangria
Carrot Lemon Cooler

Pastry Onions
Egg Salad Croissanwich
Cucumber Cups
Veggie Pizza
Balsamic Onion Fritata
Mushroom & Spinach Quiche

As much as I would love to be a regular here,things are not moving in its favour. Amma has been cooking all our meals and once in a while,I join her and we have so much fun together in the kitchen!I am being pampered and I am not complaining at all!


Aparna Krishnakumar said...

Dear Ria,

Lovely spread.
A very happy birthday to Ian!!!

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