Tuesday, May 23, 2017


Atta Laddoo
I have a major sweet tooth and so does my family. So it's really fun to try out new things because it will be cherished by all including Zara. The only problem is that I am the only one who seems to be gaining the happy sweet weight around my belly. Jobin does his daily workout religiously be it Summer or Winter. Ian is very active and so is Zara. I am the couch potato in the family. I would be the happiest to curl up with a cookbook or my phone on the couch with something to munch on,especially something sweet. So the other day, after a full fledged mallu meal, Jobin asked me if there was anything sweet to eat and surprisingly, there was none!
Atta Laddoo

So yesterday, I thought of making something sweet for us. I wanted to make something Indian. So as usual, I checked out some of my reliable resources on the internet for recipes. I am not sure why but even after 8 years (almost 9!) of blogging, I still have only a handful of resources (literally viralil ennavunna) online when it comes to recipes. I stopped blog hopping around the time Ian was born. I barely had the time to show my face here.
Atta Laddoo
So I am still reading the ones I used to read before 2012. Some of my favourite food blogs have stopped updating,which is such a sad thing because I felt I was a part of their lives, reading about them and one fine day,there are zero updates. Manjula aunty's page is one of my most favourites and her recipes are fail proof! I am sure almost all of you know her for her simple,fuss free and tasty recipes. I have tried out so many from her site and they all have turned out the way it should.Delicious!
Atta Laddoo
Sarah,one of my close hostel friends, was known for her mother's Atta Ladoos because they were incredibly yummy! We would request her to bring it for us whenever she went home to Mangalore. As I was making these laddoos,I couldn't stop thinking about the fun we had in our hostel sneaking into each other's room and tucking in homemade special food without the hostel Warden seeing us.Some of my best memories and friends are made during my hostel days in Bangalore.
Atta Laddoo Makes 16

1 cup whole wheat flour
1 cup superfine sugar *
1/2 cup melted ghee
1/4 tsp ground green cardamom
Paper cups

Method: In a heavy bottom pan, roast the flour stirring constantly on medium heat for 6-7 minutes or until it starts to smell nice and toasty. Add the ghee,mix well and cook for another 4-5 minutes,stirring all the time  or until the mixture turns light brown in colour.It will be aromatic at this point. Take it off the heat and transfer the mixture to another heatproof bowl. Let it cool a bit until it is warm to touch. Add the sugar and cardamom and mix well. Form small balls right away and dip the tops in chopped pistachios if you like. Store them in airtight containers and serve them in paper cups if you have them.

*Make sure the sugar is super fine or else it will remain as is in the final product. You can go ahead and substitute it with 200 grams of icing /confectioners /powdered sugar. If that's the case, wait until the laddoo mixture,after adding sugar and cardamom is cooled down completely before forming laddoos. It's only because they will not retain the shape well when it is still warm.

Atta Laddoo
We literally inhaled these laddoos. They were incredibly tasty! I have a soft spot for Besan Ladoos and these will give a tough competition for them. Zara was super excited to give it a try and she happily ate the crumbs she got. Ian on the other hand never liked any Indian sweets we've given him so far. He is forever happy with his Chocolate Cake & Chocolate Chip Cookie. Well, that remind me of the pending order for some cookies from him. He does not like our cookie jar to be empty!


Zeeyus said...

Even I have a sweet teeth like you Ria.But unfortunately not a good chef like u.
I wanted to make something sweet,but very simple and easy,as it's Ramdan n had to save my time.Den I remembered u and finally ended up with ur Aata laddoos.
I wasn't pretty sure how it wil come out,but it really really came out very well.
Such an easy and simple recipe,and tasty too.Dat too even the ingredients are so basic so dat v need nt go shopping if v want to mk dat.Its jus all wat v alws hav at home.
Thanks Ria and Manjula Anty too.

Manasa said...

As I was thinking of preparing choco cream rolls (your recepie I tried four years back) for my birthday today, I just thought I will visit your blog after a long time..... voilĂ  I was thrilled that u r still writing this blog and quite active too. I know the feeling when u day some blogs just stop being updated by its authors and for someone who has been following these blogs for years will feel very bad and I I think that is how I stopped going back to many of these blogs. This recipe sounds wonderful....will try and let u know.

Manasa said...

Hi Ria....I have been following ur blog since 2011 now...I was about to prepare choco cream rolls ( your recepie) and thought of getting back here....I totally understand your feelings when u say some blogs stop getting updates after many years of blogging...I am glad u r still here motivating all of us... thanks for this recipe..I will try and let u know.

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