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Saturday, February 7, 2009


My darling brother Ritchie is an absolute foodie! He is in love with Shawarma! Shawarma and my bro are a great hit together ;) .. yes this is another food & person related post!! :)
I must admit that even I really like it! Well, this post is not about Shawarma , but the bread which encloses the wonderful filling for it! I was browsing through one of my favourite blog and I came across this recipe posted on her website.

This is my first attempt at an Arabian cuisine! Must say it was a good try! I really like the taste of it! This recipe is fuss - free... how can I go wrong when Shn has explained everything so well!!
I know that this post has been a short one but it was very fulfilling all because I really was satisfied with the outcome.. :)
You can find the absolute fuss free recipe here :

So try a hand at making Khoubis and let me know!!
Take Care and come back for more !


The HealthNut Corner said...

Hmm I tried making pita once and it came out very terrible. It tasted weird & i still hav no idea wat i did wrong considering I was following an illustrated bread book.

Lejna said...

Tried Pita Bread today... following the recipe u mentioned... It came out so beautiful... puffed up perfect n good taste too !!! Thank u Ria... U make life so easy n tasty ... hi hi... was that cheesy :-)

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