Monday, July 28, 2014


Ian's 2nd Birthday Party
Iam very sure what I want when it comes to Ian. That is only till he starts to demand what he wants though! No matter how crazy the whole party planning turns out to be, I want that to have my touch in every single thing. It could be because Amma made every thing for our birthday parties. We never catered food for it. I remember, as a child, I would wait to go for birthday parties but once I get there and see caterers standing there in uniforms...I would lose my appetite.
Ian's 2nd Birthday Party
I am talking about what I liked and disliked while growing up and all your views could be different. For our birthday parties, every person whom we invited would turn up and the first thing they would mention was the food. Since they knew Amma would be making everything, they thought it would be better to come! Food has always been an important part in my life.
Ian's 2nd Birthday Party
Ian is too little to decide what cakes he wanted for his big day. So,I decided that I would like to make something that reflected what he likes at this age.So,it was a car cake for the birthday and a green lego cake for the party. He loves his building blocks and the first colour he learnt to say was Green. So that's how the green lego cake was born. He loves the Chocolate Cake I make for him almost every week. So that was the flavour choice for the party cake, obviously.
Ian's 2nd Birthday Party
I don't believe in having theme parties for a boy so little plus, this is the only time i would get to do so. Once he grows, I think he would have made uphis mind on what he wants! It might be a superhero of some kind. We did a picnic style birthday party this year,just like last year. Jobin and I have very similar tastes in almost everything,so decisions are made very easily. We love open spaces and especially because he is a Summer baby, a park was the most ideal place for the party. It was at the same location as last year but a different shelter. The birthday party ended with a 20 minute fireworks (10,000 lbs!) as a part of the one-week long celebrations by the City.It was a beautiful one!
Menu for Ian's 2nd Birthday Party

Purple Surprise
Mango Soda

French Onion Pastry Puffs
Thai Curry Chicken Wontons
Red Neck Sushi
Sticky Wings

Spicy Chipotle Chicken
Cuban Style Black Beans
Lime - Cilantro Rice
Fiesta Corn
Jalapeno Cheddar Cornbread
Fix -ins : Tomato, Onions, Lime, Sour Cream, Scallions

I would like to extend my thanks to all those who sent in wishes for his big day and a bigger thanks to all who started sent those in advance! I really, really appreciate it!


Sonali Mukherji said...

beautiful post :)

Zareena said...

Wow!!!! You rock dear. Ian vava is very lucky.

Leppi said...

happy bday to Ian Vava,always love your posts.....especially this one....wow the building block cake is such a cool idea.....

vedant said...

oh my gawd! It's almost 5 a.m. here and I'm salivating over your fantabulous awesome menu. I wish I was in Chicago on his big day, I'd have sneaked over to that park and snuck some food for myself when you weren't looking even at the risk of being caught and subsequently jailed. It looks that good yaar! How do you do it, I mean make so many exotic looking dishes for so many people. You truly possess "The gift" I think.

And yes, yes, yes to home made food at birthday parties. I heartily endorse that. It's what I grew up with too because mum was an amazing hostess and a great cook. Kids attended our parties just for the food and many who'd fought with me prior to my party day would actually make up with me just in time so they wouldn't be left out of the invites:-)

I'm esp. salivating over the onion puffs(you really made them?), the thai wontons and the sushi. Can't get over the menu!!


Vee said...

Lovely spread for the little one's party. I too am a mom to a little one. Just curious to know what you had in those little packets as giveaways.

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