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Friday, September 4, 2009

♥Chocolate Marble Pudding ♥for my lovely lil cousins♥

As I have said before, I never let go of a chance of making a dessert/desserts. I just LOVE the whole process of planning what to make, how to decorate it et all. And finally when your guests relish it there is nothing beyond that :) I know you all know how it feels :)

I have my lil cousins Nikitha and Natasha visiting me with their mom. They are on their Onam vacation. But Natasha whom we fondly call as Tashu is allergic to eggs. A wee bit of egg in her food causes rashes, severe stomach ache,dizziness etc. So this time I was literally digging into my recipe diary for eggless recipes.

When we usually don't think of the limitations, we don't realise whether it has eggs or no eggs. But this time when I searched for recipes,I was indeed surprised to find many! I had quite a few eggless ones :)

And they LOVE chocolate! Especially Tashu, and since she is allergic, I thought of incorporating an egg free + something chocolate-y for them.

Chocolate Marble Pudding
Recipe source: My Mom


For the base:

Salted butter-100 g

Heat the above ingredients and for a thick custard on low fire.
Remove from fire and add the following:

Coconut- 1 cup,finely grated
Cashewnuts-1/2 cup ,broken
Marie biscuits-1/2 cup crushed

Mix it with the custard and line a pie dish with it and pack firmly.
Leave it in fridge to set while you make the filling.

For the filling:

China grass/Agar-10g
Water-1 1/2 cups
Condensed milk-1 tin
Milk-2 tins [condensed milk tin measure]
Vanilla-1/2 tsp
Sugar-5 tbsp

Cut china grass into tiny bits and soak in water for 1 hour.
Melt china grass(It must be very liquidy,no lumps pls! ).
Simulatneaously heat milk,condensed milk and sugar. Before it starts to boil,add the melted china grass. Stir continously.
Keep on fire till it starts to thicken. Take it off from fire.
Strain if lumps are seen.
Pour on top of the crust and let it set in a fridge.
For marbling:

Take 1/2 cup of condensed milk batter and mix 3-4 tbsp of chocolate syrup/sauce and drizzle them over the white layer.
Marble it using a toothpick/skewer.

This pudding has always been a hit and will continue to be so :) Every single bit of it was relished by our guests and they went back home with the recipe :)

P.S. This is an automated post as we are off to Goa on a vacation. See y'all as soon as I am back! :) Have a great weekend!!


Sakshi said...

Ohh my can't take my eyes off the photos. Is it really edible coz it looks so so pretty. I think I should try making it as I always have to think of eggless desserts a my husband is allergic too.

Janice said...

That looks delicious, very sweet of you to make something special for your niece.

Sanghi said...

Delicious pudding ria.. happy vacation.. do check my blog for ur award..!

Parita said...

Gorgeous clicks Ria !! I am sure your guests enjoyed these, i will def b trying this soon!

Divya Kudua said...

Lovely clicks Ria..and that silver box looks so elegant!!

I haven't tried china-grass ever.Been planning to make a pudding since long..I've come across a similar recipe using milkmaid,lets see:).

How was your Goa trip??

Pari Vasisht said...

This looks so tempting with those beautiful clicks. So sweet of you to treats the kids.

Priya dharshini said...

hey u make array of dishes using biscuits...really awesome..

Minu said...

we too make a similar pudding; without the crust though.
have to try this one.
great presentation

reema said...

Hey ria.. i made this pudding and it came out well!!! was jumping with joy.. thanks a bunch!

Ria Mathew said...

Thank you so much ppl! :)All your comments are highly appreciated!

Reema- Thank you for trying and I am jumping with joy here! :) I am really glad that you all liked it!

Ninu said...

hi ria.
i tried this pudding yesterday and came out well.. thanks for sharing the recipie..your pics are too good and so is ur write up.. will be visiting you often!!

Unknown said...

hi ria..

wonderful recipes.. simply mind blowin!! :))

can u explain d marble effect?? take another 1/2 cup of condensed milk n pour or wat??? didnt get it??
would be of gr8 help if u could explain me in a lil more detail.. thanks.. :))

Deepal :)

Ria Mathew said...

Ninu- Thank you for trying! I am glad that you liked it :)

Deepal- Thank you :)

I have mentioned to take 1/2 cup of the condensed milk -batter and add 3-4 tbsp chocolate sauce/ syrup to it...Then you will get the chocolate colour liquid. Use that for marbling. You can also do it with just the chocolate sauce.

Hope you are clear, if not, drop in a comment!

C Me said...

Hey Ria,

Looked the look of the pudding and recipe sounds so simple!!!....

A quick question...Is the grated coconut dessicated or freshly grated???

Cassie Carlo

Ria Mathew said...

Cassie- It is freshly grated coconut. :)

C Me said...

Thanks a ton Babe....Planning to try it out today...Let you know, how it turns out...

Love Cassie

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