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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

PERFECT CHOCOLATE DOUGHNUTS...the best homemade ones eva!

Now, I can proudly say that I have mastered the art of baking those perfect doughnuts! It was a lil bumpy ride for me though :D From those hard biscuit like doughnuts( but they were delicious!) to chewy ones and whatnot, oh yeah!all that elbow grease too! :) So here I present to you the most perfect homemade doughnuts!

I had posted their pictures long back on Facebook and many have been asking me for it's recipe. So this one is for you all, my lovely FB friends! Thanks for being so patient! :)
Recipes source: Institute Of Baking and Cake Art

250 g flour
7.5 g (1 1/2 tsp)  yeast
100 ml warm water
4g (3/4 tsp) salt
60 g granulated sugar
5 g (1 tsp)  milk powder
40 g margarine, frozen
4g (3/4 tsp) baking powder
1 egg,beaten
Oil for deep frying

  • Mix yeast, warm water and sugar and leave aside for 15 mins or till nice and frothy.
  • Sieve the dry ingredients together.
  • Cut and mix fat with flour. Mix well till fingertips till it resembles flaked rice (aval). 
  • Make a well in the centre & add yeast mix. Mix till well incorporated.
  • Add egg & mix well. If you feel the dough is sticky at this point, just add some more flour & mix till it is not sticky anymore. Knead for a good 5-6 minutes.
  • Let it rest for 30-40 mins or till doubled (in a warm place). 
  • After it doubles, punch down the dough with your palm. 
  • Roll out into 1/4- 1/2 inch thick and cut out shapes using a doughnut cutter or using 2 cookie cutters/bottle caps( one big & one small). Let it prove under wrap  for another 40 mins.
  • Deep fry in hot oil. (The oil should be real hot, but fry on medium flame . Otherwise, the centre will not be cooked and the exterior will brown soon!)
  • Drain on kitchen towel and serve as is or with a chocolate coating.

Chocolate Ganache

100 g Dark Chocolate
100 g Fresh cream (25% fat- Amul)

  • Chop chocolate into small chunks and leave it in a glass/staineless steel bowl.
  • Heat fresh cream in a saucepan till it comes to a boil .
  • Pour the hot cream over the chocolate and let it sit for 5 mins.
  • Stir it till you get a glossy chocolate-y mixture. Let it cool.
  • Dip the doughnuts half way into it , decorate with 100's & 1000's (multi coloured sprinkles) and serve.

Note: This doughnut is best served on the day it is made.

What are you waiting for now? Have you not waited enough for this recipe? ;) Get baking girls and boys!I hope the pictures have done justice in salivating you all :)

These doughnuts are YeastSpotted!


San!!! said...

They are gorgeous n phenomenal ria.Iam impressed,glad that you are way confident enough to say that you master the art of baking .Thanks for sharing the recipe.Good day !!!

Swapna said...

Finally your doughnuts are up here in the blog :)... Will try this one soon for my little one:)

Tina said...

Entammooooo manushyane ingane kothipichu drohikunnathu endinanu...Looks superb dear...

Unknown said...

Those are sinful my dear!

RV @ Food for 7 Stages said...

They are PERFECT Ria and ideal for breakfast

Parita said...

Delicious!! Nice clicks!

Divya Kudua said...

Finally the recipe!!You have left us drooling for long..lol:).I have not yet tried to make doughnuts,now that I have your recipe,maybe I can try isn't it?

Priya dharshini said...

Wow..I luv doughnuts..This is a perfect recipe to try..

Sarah Naveen said...

wow!! superb!!! Perfect and yummy...
how have you been??
Hope married life is rocking!!!

BIZCRAZY said...

Where do you buy margarine from Kannur? I never get it and replaces it with Amul Butter.

Unknown said...

Ooh these look fab!! Are they better than those other doughnuts that your bro loved?

Finla said...

I have never made real dounuts home. I do love them, and these just looks so so yumm. I love that chocolate topping too.
Isn't this the one you made for the friends in church back home.

Ria Mathew said...

Thank you everyone!

Swapna- Let me know how li'l Aryaan likes it :)

Divya- Sure, you can!

Sarah- Thank you so much! We are doing good! :)

Bizcrazy-Sadiya, hope you got my reply for that on FB :)

Avanika-Ohh yes! These are SO much better!

Finla- Yes, these were the ones I made for the church...50 of them :)

Anonymous said...

Technically... you are frying not baking... but you can't have excellent doughnuts any other way!

They look great!

Michelle said...

OH MY....your doughnuts look incredible.

I bought a doughnut pan and now bake my doughnuts and it's so much easier! Love my mini doughnut pan!

Neharika said...

Tried these today, they tasted fabulous. Trust your recipes. But I have a question, my doughnuts turned out a little dark though they tasted great.

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