Friday, August 6, 2010


Sigh! Sometimes you start with something and end with a totally different something! I had bought a tin of cherries a few months ago and since we were getting fresh ripe juicy cherries, I didn't bother opening that tin. But when the Sweet Punch Bake for the month requested for a tin, I opened it. Pop!

Yuck! It smelled so bad and it tasted even badder! I turned the tin to check it's expiration date, a long way to go! The next thing I knew was that it went straight into the bin. I usually have a stock of fresh cherries at home, but that day I had some peaches,red plums and black plums. There was no time for me to go out and get the cherries, because I didn't want the cake to cool so much that it would crumble when I roll it up! So, peaches & cream it was!

The whole affair was a breeze. The cake rolled beautifully, except that it had some cracks when I tried to lift it from my baking tin. Otherwise, everything went smooth.

Recipe source for the cake : AWW through Maria
Recipe for the filling : My own

Semi-sweet chocolate- 200g , coarsely chopped (I used choc. chips)
Hot water-1/4 c
Instant coffee powder- 1 tsp ( I used Bru)
Eggs- 4 , separated (at room temp.)
Caster sugar-1/2 cup + 1 tbsp extra for sprinkling

Peaches- 1 large, chopped into small pieces
Cream- 1 cup
Sugar- to taste ( optional , I avoided it)


  • Pre-heat the oven at 180 C /350 F.
  • In a heat proof bowl, melt the chocolate, coffee and water together either by double boiling over simmering water or by using a microwave oven.
  • Beat the egg yolks and sugar together till pale and fluffy,about 4-5 mins.
  • Add the egg yolk mixture to the cooling chocolate and mix well.
  • Beat the egg whites till soft peaks and fold that into the chocolate mixture in 2 batches, carefully. Do not deflate the egg whites as it is the main ingredient which gives the body to the cake.
  • Pour into a parchment lined swiss roll tin /rect. baking tin and bake for 12- 15 mins or till the top is springy to touch.
  • Lay a sheet of parchment on a cutting board and sprinkle it with 1 tbsp of caster sugar.
  • As soon as the cake comes out of the oven, invert it onto the sugar- sprinkled parchment , cover with a tea towel and let it cool completely.


  • Whip the cream to stiff peaks. Add sugar if needed.
  • Keep 3-4 tbsp of whipped cream aside for garnish.


  • After the cake has cooled completely, remove the tea towel.
  • Spread a layer of whipped cream and arrange the chopped fruit on it.
  • Keeping the long side of the cake parallel to you, start rolling it away from you using the help of the parchment paper.
  • Decorate on top with dollops of whipped cream and fruit slices.

Verdict: 'It looks so beautiful!' 'Mmmm, it's delicious!' 'Sure, I can have some more!' 'Mmmm, that was good!'...those were the responses of 4 people who ate it (including Jobin, excluding myself).

My verdict? YUM! YUM! YUM!  :) It is worth all the anxiety that you go through while rolling it up! :)


Anu Nandu said...

Looks real good Ria.

Pretty pictures!

Unknown said...

Ria, that came out beautifully, lovely presentation as well. I guess that is fine if you like peach. I have some fresh cherries, so lets see. I have not yet made it, will make it tomorrow morning :)

Unknown said...

looks so pretty and so tempting..

veena said...

Looks great ria,
peaches look so inviting....
I am a first timer at sweet punch, tried it and am very happy about the outcome:-)

Unknown said...

hey ria,

roulade looks great! the combination of peaches & cream sounds yummy! thanks for making this :)


Unknown said...

hey ria,

roulade looks great! the combination of peaches & cream sounds yummy! thanks for making this :)


Umm Mymoonah said...

Your cake looks absolutely delicious.
I just posted my first sweet punch(black forest roulsde), where do I have to submit, please let me know.

Nitha said...

Delicous cake..

nandini said...

Hello Ria...

First time here... And absolutely amazed by ur collection of recipes and ur photography. This roulade looks beautiful. Loved the contast of colours and textures!..

Unknown said...

That looks amazing! Love the craggly top!!

Unknown said...

That looks decadently good! YUh-UH-UH-MEE!!

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