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Monday, November 15, 2010

CRACKERS & STRAWS - Global Kadai Event

This must be one of my craziest months ever, and I am so late in hosting this beautiful event called the 'Global Kadai' by Cilantro. According to her, 'It is a food blogging event, showcasing Global Flavour in an Indian version'.

Being the host and looking for something different, I thought of choosing 'Crackers & Straws' as the theme for this month. I simply love them! We all know what Crackers are, those squarish or roundish crunchy munching material that we have along with Chai. And of course, we all know Straws...those curly or rectangular savory snack that we usually have , stacked carefully in our 'biscuit' tins.So, basically make a cracker or a straw and give a nice Indian twist to it!

If you still didn't get it, though I am sure you did, you can have a look at this Cracker & Straw for ideas.

Now it is your turn to come up with some real cool ideas!When you post them, do not forget to include a link to this post.When you are ready, send in your entries to airmathew AT gmail DOT com  with these details:

For bloggers:
Your name
Picture (not more than 300 px)
Blog's name
Blog's url (for the item)

For non-bloggers:

Your name
Picture (not more than 300 px)

Please feel free to include the logo in your post. The deadline for the event is  DEC 5 and the round up will be posted in a week's time.


Lena Jayadev said...

belated diwali Ria.. kalyanam kazhinjaapol blogging mathiyaakkiyo? :) ur pics in orkut are superb

Priya Suresh said...

Happy hosting, will send my entries soon..

Santosh Bangar said...

hi happy hosting
1st time here good collection
do visit my blog

Unknown said...

Very different theme. Will surely try to participate and happy hosting.

Vidhya said...

Hi Ria,
I would love to patricipate in this.But I do have a doubt,when should I post this in my blog ?Is it on Dec 5th, or is it any day before that?

Anonymous said...

Somehow I am just now seeing this! Perfect timing as I had saved a recipe I wanted to try. Have to hurry on it now! :)

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