Friday, April 26, 2013


Iam a person who likes to do things from scratch, especially cooking and baking. So if I have to deal with an ice cream machine to churn out some good ice cream, I think of the days I will have to face in India when I feel like making one. Same is the case with puff pastry sheets! I feel the need to make my own, thinking about the days back home. You can call me a bit obsessed...about thinking too much :)

So the other day, I bought a can of deliciousness. Sweetened Condensed Milk. I love that stuff and I remember eating a bowl full of it when I was little.Of course, I felt sick after that . I do the same even now. No, I don't eat bowl full of it, instead lick the tin clean, once the contents are poured out. And yes, I still feel sick because it can be a little too much. So I pick up my mango pickle and eat that. Then everything seems to find it's own balance.

I love reading the things written on food containers. The tin told me that it had some recipe behind it's wrapper and it did have one, this recipe. A recipe for a quick and easy ice cream. I wasn't very sure about the flavour combination it had so used my favourite choice of flavouring, Vanilla. I always use the real vanilla and stay away from imitation stuff because the real thing has so much flavour and the way it shines through the end product is amazing! Try it sometime. You will be amazed!

This ice cream, like I mentioned before has just 2 ingredients. That is if you don't count the flavouring as another ingredient.Then it becomes three.Whatever the name maybe, the method of making this ice cream and the time needed is hardly any! Of course, it needs some good time in the freezer to set up though. You can flavour it however you like. Cookie dough? Rippled Chocolate? Oreos? M & M's? You can use this for sandwiching cookies for making your own homemade Ice Cream Sandwiches! The possibilites are endless. You just have to start making it. Here's the recipe,for it.
2 cups heavy cream,chilled
1 tin (400g ) sweetened condensed milk
1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract (or any of your choice)

Method: In a large bowl, beat the chilled cream to stiff peaks. Fold in condensed milk and vanilla. Pour the entire batter into a 1 litre capacity bowl with lid and freeze for 6-8 hours until set. Enjoy!

It was surprisingly warm today, in Minneapolis. I hope we are done with the snow for this year. So when I tried photographing the ice cream, everything was melting really fast. I think I managed to do a good job and got some photographs before it became really soft.

So that day, when Jobin came home after work, I thought of taste testing it. I gave him a scoop of it and he was quite surprised. After relishing it he asked me if it was homemade and even before I could say anything he said,'Of course, it has to be!'. That's my husband. Now,our son.He was sitting on his Appa's lap and watching the whole thing...with his mouth very wide open, almost drooling. He got his share and demanded more. Since I made it at home, I knew exactly what went into it and how safe it was for my little Vaava to have it. So he still gets his share everytime after his meal and he enjoys it to the last drop!


Ammu said...

was thinking of trying mango ice cream since some time.now this recipe + the mango pulp i hadn't figured how to finish off, gives me a possibility of a yummy mango ice cream..yum for summer time..

Divya Kudua said...

I remember you mentioning something similar in the puff pastry post too,right?I suggest you make the most of the exotic ingredients while it is available aplenty in the US,once you come back to India,you can start experimenting.win,win?:).Ice-cream looks delicious though,then again,we are on a diet,alle;)

Unknown said...

im in hunt for heavy whipping cream once im done then done dana done!! Nice rich and creamy ice cream <3

Anonymous said...

Wow Ria! that ice cream has a lovely texture, i can't wait to try this recipe.

Revathi Ramkumar said...

So so creamy and delicious one bookmarked

Priya Suresh said...

Love to have few scoops from those irresistible icecream..

Anonymous said...

Looks lovely.Will definitely try it out.

thelady8home said...

The ice cream looks delicious!!! Nice to meet you Ria, we are Ina Friday buddies :)

AngellsVI said...

Have made this several times.
1. Nutella, Peanut Butter chips, melted butter, and marshmallow swirl. Was divine.
2. Brown Butter Pecan with toasted pecans. The flavor wonderful.
3. Hershey's DARK Cocoa, espresso powder, and banana.

Going to make mango, strawberry, crushed pineapple, Coconut, kiwi, Lemon, green tea, cardomom, cappacino, mocha almond fudge, some with nuts, and some with children's favorite cereals added. I am hooked on this recipe, and whole family loves it, and making special requests. Thanks for sharing.

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