Thursday, March 12, 2015


Spinach Roti's
In our household,there's one person who needs to eat more greens.It's me.I have admitted to that fact that earlier in my life. It just doesn't go down well with me. I feel it tastes like Iron. Doesn't it? No? It could be just me then. Now that Ian is growing up to be a jolly good eater, I made sure that I should join the bandwagon,just to make sure his interest in food will stay intact. I started doing it by drinking green smoothies. They are insanely good just because it has a lot of fruits that I love! Pineapple,especially.
Spinach Roti's
Last year,when we went to Jobin's sister's house in Gwalior,her maid made us beautiful spinach roti's for dinner. I can eat roti's for 3 meals a day.And if there's a good non vegetarian curry,be it fish or meat, I can eat it 4 times a day! My love for kneading is also a reason why I like to make them. I love the entire procedure of making roti's. From mixing to kneading and to the final rolling. Some of my friend's say that they hate making them because it never turns out right. I personally feel that the dough should be soft and pliable. Add some more water and knead it well. I don't believe in kneading roti dough for like 10-15 minutes. I just knead it till all comes together. The consistency has to be right,that's the trick.
Spinach Roti's
Our weather has been so good for the last couple of day. It feels like Spring already! I was so excited about it that I wanted to try out something new for dinner. I am a bit weird,so many things have an effect on my cooking :-)
There was a packet of organic baby spinach lying in the fridge and it kept reminding me that I should eat more of it.That's when I thought about the spinach roti's we ate in Gwalior. So,I grabbed hold of the entire packet of spinach,pureeed it with just enough water and kneaded a soft dough for the spinach roti's. I also had some dough for the usual roti's,so Ian had checkerboard roti's for dinner.

Spinach Roti's
Things you will need:
2 kind of roti dough
   a) Roti dough made with wholewheat flour and water
   b) Roti dough made with wholewheat flour and spinach puree (I just blended some spinach and enough water to make a paste)
Paring knife
Cookie cutter
Rolling pin
Extra  wholewheat flour

Method: Take 2 golf ball sized dough balls from the two different roti dough and roll them out using a rolling pin into a square/circle. Cut out thin strips using a paring knife.
On a lightly floured surface, weave the dough strips and then roll the rolling pin over it so that it flattens the dough and glues it in place. Cut them out into desired shapes, I used a round cookie cutter and cook them as you would with a roti dough.

Guess what? These don't taste like they have spinach in them! It's good news for me atleast. My mind is now working on other kind of dough's which can add more goodness to my diet. I felt so good eating it because I could feel that my meal was wholesome,especially when I pair it with a curry rich in protein.I felt like I was playing with play doh when I made the dough as it was bright green in colour. The colour will fade as it cooks to a dull green but the goodness remains intact!


amna said...

super cute idea

Rafeeda AR said...

looks really so cute...

unnatisilks said...

Wow.....looks so pretty......

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