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Friday, October 28, 2016


Ria Mathew
There was a time in my life where I dreamt about being a Chef, a Pastry Chef to be precise. I LOVED making & eating desserts so I dreamt about turning that into a career. Along the way, things happened and I ended up being a Textile Merchandiser. No matter how many years skipped by, that dream was still alive deep down inside me. I collected (still collecting) many recipes thinking about a future in that direction. If any of you get hold of my navy blue diary,where I started writing down my first set of recipes,you will immediately notice that it contains more sweet recipes than savoury. That diary of mine is falling apart now as it had been used well not just by me but my family as well. A cousin of mine took a photocopy of the entire book! :-)
Ria Mathew Le Cordon Bleu
So, coming back to the point. Along the way, I realised that I should just chase my dream,make it a reality and live it or else I might just think and dream about it till the day I die. Seriously, none of this would have happened without Jobin's mental, physical and financial (of course!!) support. I was chosen as the Student Speaker for the commencement ceremony from the entire Baking & Patisserie batch,which I think was really really cool and the red and yellow cords around my neck in the photographs indicates that I have a 4.0 GPA and that I am on the President's list. I am so thrilled that Appan & Amma were here with me for my very first day & for my very last day at Le Cordon Bleu.

I am on a break right now and will be spending a lot of quality time with Ian & Zara and we will be travelling to Kannur in the coming week. We will be home for quite a bit and won't be back to Minneapolis until Spring.So, keep an eye out on this space. I will be hosting baking classes,like every other time when I am in Kannur. Details will be posted here once it has been finalised. The classes will be held in my home in Kannur (Kerala).


Unknown said...

HI Ria,

I have beena a silent reader of your wonderful blog for a while now. I couldn't help myself from commenting on this post however... Many congrats on your achievement..!! You truly deserve this moment for the hard work and efforts that went in to each and everything while managing your home, kids , work etc all beautifully..

Sincerely wish you all the very best in your future assignments and achieving your dream...!!


Unknown said...

Dear Ria,

Yours is among the first blogs I began reading and I have always admired your passion for food. I have virtually seen you evolve during all these years and this latest achievement is beyond superb! Congratulations to you and good luck for the times ahead!

Stay blessed

Shiny said...

Hi Ria,

Congratulations!!! I am an ardent fan of yours and I feel so proud that you made it to this. You are unique..

Stay blessed!!!


Rose /Magpie said...

Congratulationss!!! Such a rockstar you are Riakutty! Hope your trip includes a Banglore visit!

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