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Wednesday, June 24, 2020


Jobin birthday 1 S
o we have shared ten birthdays together till date. May is our birthday month and we start the month celebrating Jobin's and end the month by celebrating mine. Even though there are many weeks in between our birthdays, it somehow flies by so quickly! The beginning of May is always busy with planning what to make to make his day special and rest of the weeks, I am kept busy being asked what I want for my birthday! Our children enjoy it so much and they are so excited about making cards and gifts the entire month! We get many gifts that they make before, on and even after our birthdays. I wish we all could be as excited about everything as children are!

Jobin birthday 2

As you all might have read here before, we bake each others birthday cakes and it's our own little tradition that we started 10 years ago! We thoroughly enjoy the process and I was telling Jobin how our children enjoy it ( maybe much more than us!) and that they might carry on this tradition of ours into their lives later on. I really hope they do because it definitely feels special! That whole excitement of being asked what cake you want to seeing it being made with full love is worth experiencing!

Ria birthday

Like always it was Lamingtons for Jobin and they baked a lovely moist Yellow Cake with Chocolate Buttercream for me. It has been my favourite for a while. I can confim now that gone are the days when a chocolate cake could excite me like how it used to before. I have lost a little bit of my sweet tooth along the way and these days I bake mostly what the little ones ask me to. I love the whole process as much as I used to (or maybe even more!) but when it comes to eating, a bite or two is enough. I am definitely getting old! :-)  I hope all of you are keeping well in these crazy times! I will be back soon with a lip-smacking recipe for an Egg Curry. Stay tuned!


Srivalli said...

Its so lovely to catch up Ria, so nice to see the pictures, your lil ones are all grownup. This is such a wonderful tradition and really hope your kids follow it...

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