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Monday, October 29, 2018


Coffee Gateau 1
When I think of a Gateau, I have a vision of a multi-layered freestanding dessert made with cake. This recipe is essentially that but it's set in a pudding dish. I made this when our dear friend Shruti came home about a week ago. She was here on a last minute work trip and when we knew she was here, we brought her home immediately!
Coffee Gateau 3
We bonded over food in 2011 and our friendship has grown so much over the past few years. We were living in two separate buildings when we first met and later ended up in the same building when we bought and moved into our condominium in 2012. We were pregnant at the same time and Kian was born 3 weeks after Ian was born. Our choice of baby names were also very similar! When we were pregnant, we used to meet each other for Tea and Shruti would bake her amazing Scones and bring them over. Our conversations were always around recipes and it still is the same!
Coffee Gateau 2
We both have the same cookbooks and know a lot of people in common that we are literally family now! One of the books we have in common is the Kottayam Ladies Circle cookbook on Snacks & Desserts. This recipe was taken from it. It's basically a Hot Milk Sponge Cake soaked and layered with a coffee-rum buttercream. If I were to describe it's taste, I would say it's a cross between a Tiramisu & Tres Leches Cake. Absolutely moist & boozy! That reminds me, I had shared a recipe for Tiramisu long back. It's extremely good and the best I've eaten till date, just incase you needed a recipe! I've also shared a Tiramisu Cake recipe as well as a Tiramisu No Bake Cheesecake recipe here very many years ago. Okay, I admit I love Tiramisu. :-)

Coffee Gateau 3 Serves 15-20

Hot Milk Sponge Cake 
(double recipe)

Soaking syrup:
1 cup condensed milk
1 cup water
4 tablespoon rum
Juice of 1 lime

Coffee Rum Buttercream:
100 grams butter
1 cup powdered sugar
6 tbsp condensed milk
2 tablespoon dark rum
2 teaspoon instant coffee powder

Homemade Cashew Praline & Chocolate for decoration

Method: Bake the Hot Milk Sponge Cake using this recipe. Double the quantities and bake it in a prepared 9 x 13 inch pan. Let it cool in the tin for 10 mins and after that, turn it out onto a cooling rack and let it cool completely.
Soaking syrup : Mix together all the ingredients and set it aside until needed.
Coffee Rum Buttercream : In a small bowl,dissolve rum & coffee powder together and set aside. Cream butter and sugar until pale and fluffy, 1-2 minutes. Add the dissolved coffee-rum solution and condensed milk. Fold just until it's combined. It will look curdled if overmixed.
Assembly: Spilt the sponge cake into two layers horizontally. Place one layer back into the baking dish and pour half the soaking syrup over it evenly and spread half the buttercream over. Covr with the remaining cake and repeat the soaking process followed by the buttercream.Sprinkle some praline & grated chocolate over it, cover and chill it for atleast 4-5 hours before you need it.
This is a phenomenal recipe. It makes a rich and supremely moist dessert. If you don't consume alcohol, you can omit it but that bit of alcohol makes it a little extra special. I love adding alcohol in my desserts because it enhances the taste. This cake will last in the fridge for a good while provided it's kept in an airtight container or else it will dry out. I did not serve this to Ian & Zara since it was boozy. If the booze was cooked out, then it's safe but here, it's as is.
Coffee Gateau
Since the Holiday season is fast approaching, make this for your next party and tell me how you liked it! I really love hearing back from you and thanks to all who have been sending me photos of all that you make from this blog. It's such a lovely sight!You can send the photos via email attachments, Facebook & Instagram!

I must also mention that it's been a year since I started my YouTube channel. I've shared 7 videos so far and my Lazy Daisy Cake was the very first video. I used the same recipe for the cake base here. It makes the best sponge cake. There are more videos coming, we are working on it!


Avantika Kishore said...

Hi Ria.. Nice clicks. I have a doubt . .Double the quantities of the cake and bake it in one 9 inch pan? Or 2 9 inch pans?

Ria Mathew said...

Hi Avantika, thanks! If you double the recipe like how you need it for this particular recipe, please use 2 9inch round pans. It would be too much batter for one pan. I hope you enjoy this cake!

Scherian said...

Hey Ria! This recipe was just AMAZING. It was easy to bake and the measurements were on point. Thanks a ton for sharing this great recipe. We loved it. :)

Unknown said...
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Annam said...

Hi! Tried this for my son s bday and it was an instant hit with my otherwise chocolate lovin family ! Thanks for the amazing recipe Ria! Whoever had it just loved it !

Annam said...

Hi! I tried this recipe for my son s bday and it was an instant hit among my family who are otherwise major chocoholics! Thanks Ria for the awesome recipe ! Whoever had it just loved it !

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