Thursday, September 16, 2010


Trust me, I am in no mood to talk today. I think I have a spoken enough for the rest of my lifetime already! Jobin says I talk less these days ,when I feel I kill him with my non-stop nonsense banter (do couples always think opposite? ) He says I have become funnier after our wedding, when I think I have become boring day by day (so couples do think opposite, 100% sure!)

Now don't ask me what is the connection between my talks and this sweet. Absolutely nothing.This is how I am when I am in no mood to talk. I talk about things which has no connection between them. I get so bored talking about one thing at a time and Jobin gets so confused switching between topics at the same speed that I switch topics. 

Let me let you in on a big secret. I speak Malayalam way way way too better than Jobin. He will never agree to this, though. If he happens to read this post ( I am sure he will) , he will ask me to speak in Hindi (Uh-oh!).
Anyway, let's get back to the ladoos. This is a 3 ingredients, ghee-less, guilt - free ladoo than most of the ladoo's around. Try it and you won't be disappointed.

Recipe source: Anushruti RK

Roasted unsalted Peanuts without skin- 2c
Jaggery-3/4 c, powdered (You can find it in Indian grocery stores ]
Cardamom-4,seeds powdered and pods discarded.

For all those who have only raw peanuts with you, like me:
  • Heat a flat bottomed pan.Add in the peanuts (skin on) and roast for 5-6 mins or till you get a nice aroma . Is still in doubt, bite into one and if you get the roasted taste, switch of the flame.
  • Take the pan off the fire and transfer the peanuts onto a kitchen towel.
  • While it is still warm, rub the peanuts together using the help of the towel. The skin will come off easily. 
  • Use these peanuts for making ladoo's.
For making these round beauties you need to:
  • Powder the roasted peanuts in your mixie/magic bullet (small jar & 4 blade bottom) stopping every once in a while to ensure that it doesn't turn pasty.Nuts release oil when they are ground, so be careful.
  • Transfer this to a bowl and add the powdered jaggery and cardamom seeds to it.
  • Mix very well, if you have lumps in the jaggery, mash the mixture with a potato masher. I skipped it because I love biting into jaggery pieces.
  • Form the mixture into ladoos. You will need to use little bit of strength here to form them into balls as you don't any wet ingredient. But trust me, it's easy.
  • The peanuts must be warm while grinding so that the mixture remains warm when you form the balls, or else it will be slightly difficult. Just in case your mixture turns cold, like mine, microwave it for 10 secs and proceed to form the ladoos.

 For all those who love the ultimate combination of peanut and jaggery, go for it. I thought it would taste like 'kadala muttai' or 'peanut chikki' . Not exactly. It has it's own magic of lending a different flavour altogether.

A very appealing, easy to put-together recipe for all occasions. Jobin & I loved it and I had a tough time keeping some aside so that I could take pictures of it.

 I am sending this post as an entry to Sugar High Fridays : Bite sized desserts hosted by the lovely Aparna of My Diverse Kitchen.


Finla said...

My hubby is nuts aobut any nuts ( including me ;-) ) I should make this for him and no ghee that is a bonnes for his expanding waist line :-) Looks really good.
Hi hi in your next post you should tell us what jobin told you about theremark that you speak better malayalam than him.

Unknown said...

I've a similar version sounds yum...looks very tempting

Satya said...

wow ladoos looks very tempting ...wonderful recipe ,no ghee n quick and easy to pepare ...thanks for sharing ria


My Kitchen Antics said...

I am now tempted 2 try them!

Priya Suresh said...

Love this cute looking peanuts laddoos..yumm!

Ambika said...

Awesome Ria!! I'm going to try this now, right away! I just hope I have enough peanuts :)

Unknown said...

Atlast the recipe we been waiting for...wonderful post!!...looks delish!!

Rachel said...

Very peanutty! Love the shower of autumn leaves :)

notyet100 said...

laddoos look too good..

Daisy Roshan said...

healthy laddoos lady!!

Daisy Roshan said...

about relationships....i think it juuust happens :-)

technically it is called gender miscommunication: men and women interpret differently......so it is just cool as that....



Kulsum said...

No Nup Nahi! you can't beat me in switching subjects while i talk. I'm queen at that.

But got to agree, this laddos look so good! who could believe they got no ghee. Awesome

Journey Kitchen

Aparna Balasubramanian said...

You have started arguing, Ria? Now you are truly married! LOL
Those laddoos are great. Would a little ghee make it a bit better, you think? ;-D
Thanks for sending them in to SHF: Bite Size Desserts.

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

I think we women tend to switch subject all the time. Men cannot follow us... ;-P

Those PB Ladoo look wonderful and so delicious.



Unknown said...

Hehe love the way your topics switch.. totally random!! I've never tried such ladoos, but the no fat is a wonderful incentive!

reema said...

Hi Ria, thanks so much for this wonderful recipe.. i was looking for something peanut - bsed for my one year old...and chacko loved your peanut laddoos!!

Justbeanme said...

Opposites attract......
See how two opposite flavors(Peanut and Jaggery) joined together to form a yummaxo handy dessert!!! even without ghee!

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