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Pavakka Mezhukkupuratti
If it wasn't for Appan telling me that my blog has become boring because I haven't updated for a few days now, I would have really enjoyed being in my cocoon. Once something comes up between me and blogging it takes a big effort for me to get back to it. I like to be lazy and not type so many words and arrange pictures in between each paragraph and then 'publish' the post only to realise that there's a mistake in the recipe that I need to correct and so I 'edit' the post and 'publish' again. Sometimes after that I realise that my favourite picture of the dish is not even there in the final post!  Anyway, that pretty much sums up my day when I get back to blogging after a few days :-)

Pavakka/ Bittergourd is one of my favourite nutritious veggie (very good source of Iron). I love it's bitterness balanced with other ingredients that we add to it. This is a very simple dish that you can make, but you will need some time as it takes a good 30 mins to crisp up from it former bitter and green state to the beautiful mouthwatering crunchy brown stage. You can stop the cooking process in between and be happy or sad (mostly sad actually ) as it will be bitter and don't blame me ;-)

I'm not in a great mood to talk (rather write) much today as I am kind of busy (in my head) planning all my chores for this week. We are having a party at home this weekend and I am so looking forward to all the cooking and entertaining that comes along with it. I really am. I know some of you must be thinking whether I am crazy, but what to do, I love to cook and entertain! I always wanted my home to be a home full of eatables, always! My home was like that. It was always stocked with food. The minute some one walks in , they will be fed with everything homemade. We hardly had any bakery snacks except for 'kadala muttai'/ Chikki, 'Paper-il pothinja cake/ Sponge cake in candy wrapper', 'Motta puffs/ Egg Puffs' etc.
Pavakka Mezhukkupuratti

So when I got married and moved to US, I used to plan of stocking my freezer with ready-to-fry 'cutlets', 'spring rolls', 'fish packets' 'chicken samosa' etc so that I just have to thaw and fry when guests come home. Sadly, it doesn't work like how it works in India. No, no, not that I am lazy to make them, but we don't have guests like how we have in India unless we call them for supper or a meal together. Yeah, life here is quite boring when you think that way. So whoever comes home, I make sure they are well fed...till their nose!

So now, how many of you want to come home?? :-)
My own recipe (Just love the way it sounds!)
Serves 2

4 medium sized bittergourd,sliced fine
1 large red onion, sliced fine
1 1/2 tsp red chilli powder or to your spice level
Salt to taste
Oil as needed

As mentioned, slice the bittergourd as fine as you can. I used my mandoline to slice them both (the onions).
In a large pan, mix all of the ingredients together and cook on medium-high heat till you get them as crispy as you see in the picture. It will take about 30 mins maximum and some amount of oil which needs to be drizzled in as and when needed. You will know when to add the extra oil when you are cooking this.

Verdict: Trust me, it tastes really good! Especially with rice and yogurt.

I am sending this yummy side dish as an entry to The Kerala Kitchen hosted by yours truly!


My Kitchen Antics said...

the only way i like pavakka is deep fried..my grandmom makes them but i should admit its been ages since ive had it..and now im craving some after seeing this.
.. about entertaining...sho i think its super exhausting esp whn there are so many dietary needs that need to be taken into consideration and honestly i am so anti social i think i like the fact that people dont land up home unannounced hehehe

Justbeanme said...

Adipoli......Tempting pictures..easy recipe

Veda said...

hey ria!!!!!!!

I love bitter gourd!!!!awesome pics!!!!



DF said...

Now... I want to come home! Even I feel life here is boring. :) I have to find some magic to change it.
your blog photos are great... As always! Deepa.

Divya Kudua said...

I am not big fan of pavakka coz the pavakka we get here[in Chennai] is v v bitter!It takes a good amount of salt and oil to make it edible.Love the pics!

Seema said...

Hey Ria,

Thanks to uncle to get you to finally feed your blog. I hated Bitter Gourd for the good 20 years of my life. And I tasted this Veggie post wedding. I instantly loved the way Bengalis cook this veggie. Their version is quite similar to yours, variations are that mustard oil is used, green chillies and turmeric powder are added.

Your dish is truly tempting me.


Sarah said...

I can understand the comment above from Divya.. the pavakkas we get here in bangalore are also extremely bitter. So unlike what we get in Kerala. I guess it must be something to do with the variety or the soil it is grown in.. Though we still like it and end up washing it in salt water and then using it .. i know.. it does strip away the nutrients :) this dish sounds easy and yummy..

Jaisy James said...

pavakka mezhukkupuratti looks delicious

Priya Suresh said...

Tempting bittergourd stir fry, love with rice anytime...

Unknown said...

Nice pics, I luv pavaka too...this is quite interesting to try

Plateful said...

I'm not a huge fan of pavakka, but my hubby is and I usually make red pavakka curry with lots of tamarind to tame the bitterness :) Your stir-fry looks too yummy and the photos are superb, as usual!

Miriam Korula said...

Ria...honestly...i need to learn somethings from u....i have almost next to nothing at home when guests come over...i'm so not prepared for an unannounced visit...Mmmmm...love the look of this dish...i have never made them...but my best frnd's mom makes the best i have tasted so far...will dfntly give ur recipe a try...:)

Anonymous said...

Ur'Pavakka Mezhukkupuratti' looks awesome, i love the same combo (rice+pavakka mezhukkupuratti+curd). i remember my grandma adding sliced coconut to this, the crunch of coconut adds to the taste. u take care girl n enjoy the party!

divya said...

yummy...... luks so delicious.. very tempting clicks!!! thx 4 sharing

Unknown said...

That sounds and looks really delicious and simple :)

Archana said...

My absolute favourite veggie.Love it. Love the way you have made it.

Since the bitter gourd we get here are bitter I smear them with salt and let them stay in the fridge for 24 hrs. Then I use them after a washing the gourd. Only remember not to add salt to your dish.

Anonymous said...

Greetings from Southern California

I am your newest follower. I invite you to visit my blog and become a follower.

God bless you and have a nice Easter :-)


Sunanda said...

Ria,bitter gourd fry looks inviting .. gr8 recipe..

Suparna said...

hey ria,
Great clicks, it makes even the bitter look so gorgeous :) thanks for the easy and quick to make recipe:)

knoW knoT said...

I want to come to your place ria!!!... feed me nice yummy food.. plus i'm going to try out all the recipes now...waiting for some time to try out the pavakya..:)

Beryl Renson said...

Wow. I made this easier ever Pavakka mezhukkupuratti and I have not had any better pavakka than this !! It came out so well, my hubby loved it !!! Ria, you rock as usual....

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