Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Chikki/London Cake

Ihave a problem. A serious problem.If I see a photograph of something that I really like, I have to make it then and there...no matter what time it is :) What would happen otherwise? I would dream about it and wake up hungry, it's that simple :-) Have you all faced such stuff? I do, most of the time...therefore inorder to get a good night's sleep, I have to cook and eat it!

London Cake/ Chikki

This peanut chikki was one among them.This is such a favourite for all of us, in my family. Appan is super happy if he has a bar of it. I was,is and will always be happy if I have 2 bars of it. Ritchie is not as greedy as I am, so he is happy if he has a bar of it :-) Amma likes it too maybe not as crazy as we 3 are. Appan,his brother and my uncle Tom and my grandmother calls it a  London Cake ,don't ask me why? :-)

Peanut Candy/Chikki

This peanut chikki was one of the items we had to make in our college lab for the candy making class. In our labs, we are not allowed to use a candy thermometer so after many burnt fingers, we all got different stages of  melting the sugar right.Whenever I came home on weekends from the hostel, I used to take 'Manna'(my fave brand) slabs (read many) back with me. The last time when I went home and shopped at the supermarket, those Manna slabs were staring at me and I did pick up a few. How can I leave them behind when they were my everything during the hostel days??

Recipe source: Nithi & Sharmi

1 c roasted skinless peanuts
3/4 c white sugar

Method: Crush the peanuts coarsely,using a mixie. Make a dry caramel (Melt sugar without water in a pan, till it dissolves completely. It will turn dark brown in colour).* Switch off the heat and add the crushed peanuts and mix well, quickly. Immediately,pour this over a greased plate/parchment paper,roll it into 1/4" thickness using a greased rolling pin and mark into desired shapes with a greased knife. Let it cool completely. Break into pieces.

* Timing is crucial in this recipe, so as soon as the last crystal/lump of sugar melts add the peanuts.Roll it out as soon as it is poured and mark into desired shapes.

After seeing a photograph of it on Facebook, I told Jobin that I wanted to eat Kadala Muttai. It was around 9 pm then and I was sure that I didn't want to ask him to take me to the store as the Indian stores would be closed by then :-) It's not just that, the peanut chikki, irrespective of the brand that I have tried here has always been soft,chewy and tasteless. I like them to be crisp, crunchy and brittle...they way they are meant to be.

Therefore without a second thought, I went straight into the kitchen and made it. It hardly took me 10 mins.The dinner was finished in seconds as I had my little quick dessert waiting for me :-)


Irene said...

Very nice :) Loved the story behind it too :)

My Kitchen Antics said...

i am so so tempted to make this right now, but my fear of caramel is the only thing stopping me..you see, i never seem to get the consistency right. However, i shall try this at least once and see how it goes . Thanks a bunch for the recipe. Hugs

Justbeanme said...

WOW u had the energy to make it at 9PM.....gurl u rock....!! Love it!!

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Mmmhhh, very tempting and so addictive!



Aarthi said...

Yummy Yummy...I Love this..

Nielouphar (Neelu) said...

brings back childhood memories :)

Princy Vinoth said...

I'm makng this tomorow :)

Priti said...

This sure is very tempting! I like it with sesame than with peanuts.

I found some black smoky cooking ingredient labeled 'Kerela Tamarind' at the Indian Grocery store which doesnt look like tamarind but chunks of black peels of something. I inquired about it but the store owner didnt know about it either. It was not kokum, that was sold seperately but it looked similar. Do you know how to use it? another ingredient that left me curious was 'kebab chini', do u know a use for it? I have bought both.

Sumi said...

I have come across recipes with jaggery but not with sugar sounds very interesting to me.I want to make this as my son absolutely adores peanuts burfi :)

Unknown said...

Yum, tempting pics as always !!

Unknown said...

Glad to know that you have tried and liked the recipe too..Chikki is my fav too. Pretty pics!

Unknown said...

Glad to know that you have tried and liked the recipe too..Chikki is my fav too. Pretty pics!

chef and her kitchen said...

Love chikki wid any nuts..looks perfect

Priya said...

Hi Ria,

I was dreaming about munching home made chikki for past few days while at work and waiting for Friday evening to try this..Just made it in 15 mins ,ate and now happily smiling..Btw,my Rhea who has very unique taste buds too had a piece..that just made my evening!!Now waiting for hubby to try it out once he is back from work.chikki is one of the rare sweets that he likes.It came out just perfect :D:D:D
i had tried Mrs.Thankam philips recipe using Jaggery earlier..but this is class apart:D
thanks & take care,

Warm regards,

Priya said...

Ria, forgot to tell that i also added 3 pinches of salt to the mix..i kind of like the salty tinge in each bite

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