Monday, February 10, 2014


Bakery Style Chicken Rolls
The earliest memories I have of these rolls are from Cochin Bakery, Kannur. It was many years ago when I was in school. That bakery was located in a corner on Fort Road and after a few years, they shut it down. By then, these rolls were everywhere. Somehow, I was never excited to try them after that. I think it was the size and colour that threw me off. They were huge and ugly brown. It was fried sometime early in the day and still lingered in those shelves till they were sold.

Bakery Style Chicken Rolls
I think Amma needs to be blamed for that! We were and still is spoilt with choices at home. Food is always served hot at home and there was a point when my brother wouldn't eat anything other than those right off of the stove! Imagine! He will not eat any snack that was stored in tins but only those which came out piping hot from the oil! He is so much better now, hostel life changes you in so many ways!
Bakery Style Chicken Rolls
I was scrolling through my cousin Priya Chechy's food photographs yesterday and saw these rolls .I don't know where I got the craving for them but it was very strong that I decided to take action right away. I always have poached chicken with me,either in the fridge or in the freezer. So making these were a breeze.Seriously,these are so much better when made at home.They taste so fresh and are unbelievably flavourful!

Bakery Style Chicken Rolls
3 cups of poached chicken, shredded
1 large shallot or 8 pearl onions, diced
3 green chilies,chopped
1 inch ginger, chopped
5 cloves garlic, chopped
1 teaspoon red chili powder
1 1/2 teaspoon coriander powder
1 teaspoon garam masala
5 curry leaves,chopped
1 teaspoon vinegar
Salt & pepper

2 cups all purpose flour
2 cups milk
1 egg
1 1/2 tablespoon sugar

3 egg whites,lightly beaten
Fresh breadcrumbs from 6 slices of bread

Filling: Heat oil and saute all the ingredients from shallots through curry leaves.Once the shallots have softened, add the chicken and mix well to coat. Add the vinegar and saute for 2-3 minutes. Turn off the heat and check for seasonings.Let it cool.
Wrapper: Mix all the ingredients together,reserve 1/4 cup of the batter and make sixteen 6 inch pancakes using the remaining batter.
Assembly: Divide the filling into 16 and place them over the 16 pancakes,a little lower than the centre of each pancake. Fold them like how you would with a spring roll and seal the edges with the reserved 1/4 cup batter.Dip each roll in egg white and roll them in breadcrumbs. Deep fry them in hot oil ,drain on paper towels and serve with ketchup!

I wasn't very sure if the filling would be Ian friendly but went ahead with it anyway. Ian was fast asleep when I made these rolls and by the time he woke up, I had fried a few for us to enjoy . He was overjoyed to see the deep fried goodies and happily munched on them!


Finla said...

I am so going to try this, I cnaot believe I have never ate this as i read it is from cochin Bakery. I should ckeck that blog you mentioned too.

Hamaree Rasoi said...

Lovely and delicious looking chicken rolls. This happens to be my favourite snack.

Unknown said...

tried these rolls as soon as the recipe was posted.Really very yummy

Rafeeda AR said...

We make these at home often, umma had learned it from a Kannur friend of hers, we love this anytime!!! ur pics are making me crave for them...

Vineetha Sush said...

We get srilankan bread rolls here,with chicken,fish and mutton filling and I simply love it, dont remember eating them from Kannur bakeries...I didnt even know that there is was cochin bakery in kannur, sheen was always our first choice..now its Brownies in Talap =D looks super tempting !

Unknown said...

This is very tempting.....will try this :)

Unknown said...

Yes,I made this on the day she posted the recipe...the pics..the narration..I couldn't stop drooling over it .After few chit chats with Ria, I marched to kitchen with my 1 yr old and the roll was ready in 30-45 min.. It was so irresistible ..thank you so much for posting it.I did made it a bit more spicy than the recipe.

anju said...

Ria,I made this and it turned out so well.Everyone at home loved it.Was looking for this recipe for long.Thanks for the perfect recipe.

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