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Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Well, it might sound strange but then I connect people with different food out of which one had been revealed already in my January post! Here's another one!!
The word 'Kaju Burfi' reminds me of my cousin Ryan whom we fondly call as 'Kuttu'. He is an absolute, ardent fan of 'Kaju Burfi'! He was in Kannur till few years back after which he moved to Muscat with his parents. He was so fond of this sweet so much that when my grandmom used to ask him what he wants .. the answer would be Kaju Burfi! And I used to wonder how on earth can someone like this!!!
I never liked it! But gradually as my taste buds explored the world outside the" food i always loved".. they liked it.. liked it so much that it fell in love!
Now I'm in deep love with it! :)
I clearly remeber how I used to stare (which I still do) at displays at all the Mithai shops, bakeries et all. Never knew how they managed to get such a clear cut, smooth, equally shaped, lump free Burfi's, Peda's etc. I used to search for hours online for recipes for Indian sweets but nothing could convince me to try because of their lengthy procedures and unending 'stirring' required!!
And finally.. Finally!!!! I got the answer!! I met Hetal & Anuja at Show Me The Curry.com
They are brilliant! I owe my first sucess at Kaju Burfi to them!!! This recipe is just TOO perfect!!

You can find the recipe here :
Hope you all loved this post as much as I loved posting ( and eating ;D ) it!!
Have a great weekend!!



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