Sunday, March 29, 2009


I love seafood! Prawns are my all time fav! And since I live next to the beach,its always available in plenty! Thank God for that! Prawns had a major part in my hostel life too.. everytime I go back after a holiday Amma used to pack me some Chemmen Peera ( Prawns in thick coconut paste ) or Chemmen Ularthiyathu.

So, today being a lazy Sunday ( it always is for me :D ) I was asking Amma as to what she is planning to cook for lunch... we always have 'Special' on Sundays at home :) .She was like hmmm.. I'm thinking of making some Prawn Biriyani !! I picked up ears to that!! I was thinking its been ages since we made one using Prawns!! Definately not in the past 9 months ( I'm so sure about it because I'm home since 9 months!!! :D ).So I was all 'enthu' and told her I'l get her a new recipe and we can try that!

Love my Amma for that because she always let me try new stuff and not bothered about the fact that some of my so called 'TRIALS' are a major flop!! hahaha!! and then she will have a good laugh about me sulking that I wasted my BUTTER /GHEE etc ( oh!! have I told you all that I'm crazzzzzy about butter??? , well in another post maybe !! lol)

Ok Ria!! Time to get back to the point!!

Yeah! where was I.. this is so typical of me to jump from one topic to another!!! ;D I talk a looot!!!

Yes.. and so coming back to me searching for a recipe... I told Amma that lets try my hostel friend's cousin sister's recipe. And she as usual agreed to my idea... and then I took the lead in making the Biriyani and this was how it turned out!

BUT.. Kannur being a coastal town..is soooooo humid and hot! So making briyani is a Herculean task! I must shamefully admit that I was so tired and fell asleep by the time Biriyani was set. My bro came and tried waking me up for lunch, which was followed by Appan & Amma but the sleeping beauty was lost in her sleep! And so, by the time I woke up finally.. ahhh.. the whole biriyani is served!! How will I take pictures??????

Well!! lol! I'm actually laughing writing this.. I went back to the site where I got the recipe from.. saw her display and VOILA!!! :) that's what you all saw in the begining of this post!! Must admit that Maria had a layered biriyani display.. unlike my 'all mixed display'!!
Guess I have spoken enough for a week! ;D

So here is the recipe! Thanks Maria for your lovely recipe!

Hope you all enjoyed this post! Come back for more!!

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Gautam Anchan said...

Hi Ria, cud we please have the recipe for this lovely Prawn biryani :)

Ria Mathew said...

Hi Gautam, If you look closely, i have given you the link to it in the write up :)

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