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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Black Forest Gateau

From the time I was a lil girl....this cake used to fascinate me... different layers and red cherries in between them ... memories of me staring at the black beauty :)
So finally after drooling over all the posts in the blog world I finally decided to make my own! :)
I made it in 2 days because of time constraint due to which my bro was literally drooling for 2 days!! :D
The only thing he asked me these 2 days were 'Is the cake ready?' In the beginning it was fine... later I was getting a bit irritated.. told him 'I will GIVE you!!! ' :P He just cannot resist anything baked :D

Black Forest Cherry Gateau:

Recipe adapted from Passionateaboutbaking

Eggs-6 (300g)
Powdered sugar-150g
Cornflour-2tbsp ( makes the cake light)
Baking powder-1tsp
Salt- a pinch
Vanilla essence-1tsp

Pre heat oven to 190 C, reduce to 180 C 10 minutes after the cake is put in.
Sift flour,cocoa, baking powder,salt,cornflour thrice.
Beat eggs & sugar well with a beater till very thick ribbon falls & holds in place for 5 mins (approx 10 mins)
Add essence & beat for a minute.
Gently fold in the sifted flour,mix lightly and bake for 30-35 mins till done.
Once done, remove from tin after 5 minutes and leave on a rack to cool completely. Cut into 2-3 layers.

My own recipe
Whipping cream-400 ml ( reserve half for the outside)
Powdered sugar- 3 tbsp
Cherries- 150 g (reserve50 g for garnishing)
Sugar-4 tablespoon
Water-1 1/4 cup
Rum- 1-2 tbsp

Whip the cream to peaks using 3 tbsp sugar. Reserve half for the outside.
Boil water, add sugar& cherries and let it cook for 6-7 mins. Remove from heat.
When slightly cool, add rum.
Drain, reserve the syrup.
Reserve a few as whole cherries for garnishing and slice the remaining.

Place the first layer of cake in the plate you wish to serve, sprinkle the reserved syrup.
Spread a thin layer of cream and sprinkle few sliced cherries on it.
Continue till the last layer is done.
Finally spread the remaining cream on top and on sides.
Grate/shave chocolate and arrange it as seen in the picture.
Dot the top with cherries

After assembly,leave the cake inside the fridge for the flavours to mature.
Serve chilled.
I'm sending this entry to Poornima's event -For the love of chocolate

Verdict- Super light and moist. Wonderful flavours! Will definately make it over and over again! :)


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alisa@foodista.com said...

Wow,if I had to wait for two days for this wonderful cake,I'd go crazy :)Great post!Hope you wont mind but I'd love to guide Foodista readers to your site, just add this little widget here to this post and it's all set to go, Thanks!

Arlene Delloro said...

Black Forest cake is one of my faves. Yours is beautiful. One of my recipes for it has chocolate ganache in between the layers.

saffronapron.blogspot.com said...

I love this cake and have had the privellage to taste the original schwarzwaelderkirch kuchen form germany. The taste still lingers in my mind but it has a very high alcohol content.

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