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Sunday, April 19, 2009


It is a very difficult task for me to describe my love for this spectacular preparation!! I am indeed in ultra deep love with it ! :) I was introduced to this heavenly treat way back in Oct'03 during our college trip to Darjeeling! It was an amaaaazingly very JUICY experience! It is prepared in a special vessel which is more or less like our steamer. You can have a look here for more details about this wonderful treat.

After reaching Bangalore from our trip, I still clearly remeber that my mission was to find out where to get the best momos in town! And luckily I found one very very close to where I was staying. It was in the Tibetian Market on Rest House Road next to the very famous Brigade Road.It was a small restaurant by the name Taste Of Tibet.They also have another outlet on Richmond Road. I like both but prefer the latter one because its more tastier there :)

And now the scene is different! I'm at home now and people here would stare at you if ask them whether they serve Momos in restaurants here ;) Its very not so common here :D So the only option left is DIY :D And thats the result you saw above :D See how passionate I am when it comes to food ;)

Ingredients :
All purpose flour/Maida-500 g
Salt-1 tsp

Onions-250 g
Green Chillies-10 g
Ginger-5 g
Salt-10 g
Soya sauce-1 tsp
Ajinomoto (optional) -1/4 tsp
Oil -1 tbsp

For dough:
Mix flour,salt and egg.
Add tepid wate and make a soft dough,kneading vigorously for about 20 mins.
Set the dough aside for approximately 1 hour.

For filling:
Chop onions, green chillies and ginger.
Mix them with the mincemeat.
Add salt, soya sauce and ajinomoto and mix well.

To shape momos:
Divide the dough evenly into small balls ( weighing approx.10 g each)
Roll to about 6 cm in diameter.
Put 1 tsp of mincemeat filling in the centre.
And shape them into rounds by gathering the edges and pinching it in the centre.
You can shape them into the 'wonton' shapes by filling the circles,folding it into half and getting the pointed ends together and sealing it with little water .

To steam momos:
Boil water in the bottom compartment of a momo steamer ,idli steamer or pressure cooker with idli steamer.
Grease the perforated compartments and place momos keeping atleast 1/2" space round each momo.
Steam momo for 25-30 minutes( If pressure cooker is used ,do not put the weight)
Serve steaming hot .

Hope you all liked my wonderful juicy affair with momos!!



Catherine said...

Your momos look wonderful! I'm a huge fan of them too - will try out your recipe!

Audax Artifex said...

We get them here in Chinatown and in some Indian shops. Great job on shaping them. Good to see that you are trying all your fav's recipe from your travels

Sakshi said...

hey I used to love my visits to Taste of Tibet too on Richmond road...It's after we left bangalore that i tried making them at home. Your momos look so inviting and my my you would go to any length for your love of food haan?? I still can't make these beauties the way you have pinched them...donno never can't get them in perfect shape but yeah my family gobbles them up any ways so no regrets..lol

Hurray for your momos...any ooty recipes coming up gal??

saffronapron.blogspot.com said...

This is one of my most most favorite items. I had a Tibetian friend in school who introduced me to itand eversince, I've been a huge fan of it. Loved your recipe and presentation. Keep going Ria. I'm really enjoying your posts:)

Preethi Pinto said...

Hi Ria. I tried these this evening. The flavour, texture and everything was perfect. However, after 30 mins of steaming, the top side of the momos was not soft as it should be. Should they be rolled thin? Or should egg be avoided? Or should they be steamed for a lesser duration?

Ria Mathew said...

Preethi- Thanks for trying. Did you feel it was chewy or rubbery? If so, you need to roll it thinner. Let the egg be there as it lends softness to the dough. Make the wrapper thinner and try steaming it for maybe 5 mins less and check.

I sincerely hope it comes out the way you want it to be :)

Preethi Pinto said...

Kinda chewy. I am beginning to think that maybe it needed a bit more kneading. A friend suggested that adding oil while kneading also helps. I have a bit of filling left. Will try again with all suggestions. Thank you nevertheless.

Ria Mathew said...

Preethi- Okay, do let me know if adding oil helped :)

Bharti said...

Hey Ria, you wouldn't believe it! My mom and me were discussing just today morning to get hold of a recipe to do momos this weekend :) thank you so much..

sapna said...

Just found this website. I am very excited to try these out! Thanks :)

Unknown said...

Could u please give the measurements for ur cookin in spoon n cup units??

Aadhira said...

Thanks for sharing the recipe

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