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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Stuffed Green Chilli Pickle - The very first pickle I made

Ooooo it would be hot!! That's probably what you all might be thinking but I can assure you it's not so! :) . When I opened the 'Bharani'-an eathernware used to store pickles [shown in the pic above ] I was so suprised to see the once 'sturdy & strong' chilies have all aged and lost all its original strength to other ingredients like amchur :D

I learnt this pickle from a preservation class conducted during my graduation in Home Science from Mount Carmel College, Bangalore. It was a 2 day course as a part of our curriculum and we were taught various preservation methods in the form of jams,jellies,crushes,squashes,pickles etc. From the whole lot of what they taught us, I liked this the best! :) It is definately a North Indian pickle because of amchur which is very rarely used in South Indian cuisine. Nevertheless I do have a special liking for North Indian pickles especially because most of them are made in mustard oil! I just LOVE that! I got a hang of this @ Maria Sadan... our hostel... OH NO!! memories are flooding back!! How I miss that place!!! :(

Okay! enough! Let's get back to the post :) This is the pickle I had mentioned in my previous post on Matri.

So here's the recipe:

Stuffed Green Chilli Pickle:

Green chillies - 1 kg ( My veggie vendor gave me a 'glare' LOL! )

For the stuffing:

Mustard powder-5tsp

Jeera/Cumin powder-5tsp

Methi/fenugreek powder-5tsp

Turmeric powder-5tsp

Amchur /Dry mango powder -100g


Gingelly oil-500 ml


  • Wash,wipe and slit the chillies. Mix the powders together and stuff the chillies. ( you can use gloves to make sure your hands dont have a burning sensation after the stuffing process. But I did it without any :D and trust me it din't burn a bit! :D )
  • Mix amchur & salt together.
  • Now you need to layer them. One layer of stuffed chillies & then sprinkle over them generaously with amchur & salt. Continue. The last layer should end with amchur & salt mix. I used 'Bharani' for it but you can use any other similar eathernware or cleaned & wiped glass bottles.
  • Heat oil. Do not let it smoke though. Pour over the layered chillies. It will cover the layers and you can see some excess too. The excess oil must be there to ensure that the pickle doesn't get any fungal attack :)
  • Close the lid and forget about it for atleast for 2 months ( do you want to eat raw chillies?? then eat them straightaway!! :D )

I kept mine aside for 3 yrs! I must shamefully admit that I actually forgot about them :D

Serving suggestions:Can serve as an accompaniment for matri,chapathis,paratas ... actually even with bread ;)

Hope you all enjoyed this spicy post right after a Chocolate Pistachio Fudge affair!! ;D


Sakshi said...

Love that Bharani..next time when am in India this is one thing I am going to buy and display on my counter top..Lolz you really forgot it for 3 years?? but i guess it might have come out really good after all that hibernation?

Pickles are so yum no? I hardly eat pickles after coming here coz I don't like store bought ones...missing all those mango and pepper pickles back home. Your recipe looks easy just worried about what I will store them in? do u think glass jars would do the job of the bharani??

Audax Artifex said...

Preservation classes this is one thing that I would like to learn a lot more about. A friend in Melbourne sent me some recipes for jams and chutneys which I need to do very soon since it is the season for the best produce to do the preserving. Your look so nice I thought that they got hotter the longer you stored.

Will be doing the nut/chocolate slice this week will tell you the results.

saffronapron.blogspot.com said...

Love that naadan bharani. Wish u had put it in color.
I like that u added no artificial anything to the pickle to preserve it.

Rachel said...

Forgotten for 3 years??? Looks good though!

Varsha Vipins said...

3 yrs?rofl..my god.but that looks so so good..:)..next time no b/w pics,k darling?we wanna see everythig in color.heehe..:)

Ria Mathew said...

Sakshi-Even I love them... any eathernware for that matter :)Yeah! I forgot them for 3 yrs because I left them in my store room and everytime something was pulled out this was pushed in :D Trust me it's beautiful now! Glass jars would be the next best option because steel may corrode due to the pickles' strenght.

Audax-Even I like preservation, something that can come into use when the produce are not in season anymore.
In case of pickles, the more they are stored the flavours mingle well with each other and gives a totally heavenly taste.So usually spicy chilli flavours are subdued with other ingredients...the chilli becomes very soft unlike the firm fresh ones :)

Smitha-Thank you ! Next time it will be in colour :)
Yeah there are no preservatives in it...If I were a fungus, I would'nt have had the guts to attack a chilli pickle ;D

Rachel-Yes,I had left it in our store room, so eveytime something was pulled out, this would be pushed in... so it din't see the daylight for 3 yrs :)

Varsha- LOL! Thank you!! I'll put colour ones from now on :)

sreesu said...

Love those chillies ..I tasted this first on a trip to Delhi ..just loved them ...nice recipe ..it's a keeper:)

Ria Mathew said...

Sreesu-Thanks for stopping by!! It is definately a keeper!! :)

RMM said...

Hi...i keep lookin at ur recipes...they sound so natural , so easy...what chillies did u use ?are they thin curry chillies or the big ones that u pickle... ?..gotta use a bharani i carried all the way from india and stored away untouched for 2 yrs now...:) :)

Ria Mathew said...

Reny-Thank you sooo much for visiting my blog! I used the normal green chillies we use for curries.. the dark green ones..but then if you can get the same variety slightly fatter ones it will be easier to stuff... that's the only difference the size will make!!
I bet this is the best recipe to use your Bharani! Try it and let me know!!

Unknown said...

Well Ria, for this pickle recipe, You have used the other powders like mustard pwd, fenugreek pwd...ur only talking about amchur and salt...

Lost in translation?

Ria Mathew said...

Hi Vaishali,

If you notice it, I have given it under stuffing and I have mentioned it , that after you slit the chillies, stuff it :)

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