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Friday, May 22, 2009

Whole Wheat Pancakes with Nutella & Mangoes

...go go go Radio Mango

Radio.. Radio Mango...

That's the jingle for a local FM station RADIO MANGO :) and it is so apt for the season now!! We have a constant supply of mangoes from our estates every summer and also from our neighbours, relatives visiting ..yeah... I have a HUGE family of 72 members (still growing strong!!) and so who ever passes by Kannur drops in at our house & would bring in a share of their mango crop... So in this season... our work area in the house is full of mangoes with various shades of green and yellow :D And some of them does turn BLACK too!! :P
My mom had gone for a small holiday with my brother last week to her home in Kuttanad,Alleppy. Our house there is beautiful with a minimum of 4 mango trees surrounding the house...So I knew she would bring back some more!! :)
Usually it's Amma's job to cut up mangoes to gorge after lunch :) And since she wasn't at home and I was at work... the mangoes missed Amma and they started rotting!! Uh-Oh!! I had to do something!!
So I peeled some and left it in the fridge. And knowing my Dad, who will never cut himself a mango (You spoilt him Amma!!!! )I chopped some ,made a lipsmacking dish for the DB (hold on! it will up on my blog soon!! ) and with the remaining made a filling for these pancakes for breakfast!

We finished a bottle of Nutella looooong back and was hesitant to stock one since me n my bro loves it and since he at home full time now cos of holidays and it's all NO WORK & ONLY X-BOX! it's absolutely not a good idea! :D But I just couldn't resist it when I saw them in the supermarket. So I gave up!! :D and did a mix 'n match of pancakes, mangoes & nutella! Loved the end result!!

Whole Wheat Pancakes with Nutella & Mangoes
Recipe adapted verbatim from Meeta K

Basic pancake Recipe
Makes 4 pancakes

150g whole wheat flour
350ml milk
Pinch of salt
2 eggs

Baking the pancakes

  • In a mixing bowl whisk together the flour, milk and salt to a smooth mixture.

  • Set aside for 15 - 20 minutes, allowing the batter to soak through.

  • Then add the eggs and incorporate into the batter.

  • To bake the pancakes allow a teaspoon of butter to melt in a hot non-stick pan. Add enough of the batter to cover the base of your pan. Bake for a few minutes until the top sets, then using a spatula flip. Bake this side until golden, then flip again to bake the other side.

  • Make sure you give your batter a good whisk before you bake it.

  • Cover each pancake after you have baked them in some foil to keep them warm.

A jar of Nutella

1 large ripe, juicy mango, cut into chunks

Pistachios, chopped ( I din't have it in stock )

Assembling the pancakes

  • Place one of the pancakes on a chopping board and generously smother one side with Nutella. If the pancake is still warm the Nutella will start to melt slighty, which is what we want.

  • Place a few mango chunks on one half of the pancake and cover with the other half making a sandwich. Sprinkle with chopped pistachios.

Perfect Pancake Pointers:

  • Everyone can bake pancakes, but a few tips will give your pancakes the right elasticity, a gorgeous golden color, make it crispy and low in extra fat and calories.

  • Beat the hell out of them! For great spongy texture whisking your pancakes is absolutely vital. While your whisk is beating the batter, the gluten in the wheat has a chance to unfold, allowing the gaps between it to be soaked up with liquid. So the more you beat it the more elastic and spongy your pancakes will be.

  • Take a beak! For 15 to 20 minutes you have time to enjoy a cup of tea, because it takes this amount of time for your batter to soak through. During this time the the flour soaks itself up with liquid so that you have a smooth, homogeneous mixture.

  • If you want your pancakes to be light and spongy add a bit of aerated water to the batter. The gas in the water acts like a propellant and guarantees lovely fluffy pancakes.

  • Use a non-stick pan to bake the pancakes. It is easier to flip the pancakes without them sticking and you use less fat to bake them. A tiny spoon of butter is more than enough. Furthermore, as a non-stick pan hinders the pancake from burning fast - you do not need to wipe it clean after each pancake.

Hmmm... it was a nice way to save the mangoes! Quick & easy :) Absolutely lipsmacking!!!

Stay tuned for more mangolicious stories :D

I'm sending this entry for Lori's Mango Recipe Challenge
In the meantime...buck up and send me some of your lovely dishes for my event Let's Celebrate before 21 June!! :)



Lena Jayadev said...

wowww.its looking superb...i loved the presentation...and congrads on your award... :)

Lena Jayadev said...

Thank you for joinin as a follower in my blog Ria..im also following your blog from today...waiting to see your yummy dishes.. :)

Suparna said...

Hi Ria,
Pan cakes look yummmm...love the choconutty combo with the mango chunks all wrapped in a healthy pancake :)nice entry to the event. Thanks for sharing the pancake tips :) :)

Pooja said...

Wow Ria..reading your post makes me wish I was at home during this season hogging on mangoes! Nostalgic memories! Here we have to go to grocery stores to buy mangoes and that too can afford to buy only few due to the exorbitant prices!
That was a great idea to make a filling with mangoes for pancakes..looks absolutely delicious :)

Pooja said...

And I loved the tips too :)

Lori said...

Look at those fabulous pieces of mango! Nutella is one of my very favorites. Thanks so much for your entry!

mathew said...

I like pan cakes and nutella..this defintely is an exotic combo i would like to try!!:)

Dharm said...

Nice blog Ria! Found you off the DBs... I"m not a great Mango fan but The Lovely Wife is... I AM however a GREAT Fan of Nutella so anything with nutella in it is a winner in my books. The pancakes look lovely! Great to meet you too!

deeps said...

umm thats delicious ...
aleady enough water in the mouth ...

Ria Mathew said...

Lena-Thanks a ton!!Do come back for more! :)

Supana-Thank you dear!And all thanks goes to Meeta for the recipe as well as the tips! :)

Pooja-Thank you!!Mangoes & memories are a good combo rite?? :)All thanks to Meeta for the tips!!

Lori-Thanks a ton sweetie for hosting such a yummy event!!

Mathew-Thank you! Do try..it's yummy! :)

Dharm-Thank you very much for your lovely words & for dropping in! I'm sure this would be a dish you & The Lovely Wife can make together and relish!! :)It was lovely meeting you!

Deeps-LOL! enough for a ship to sail?? ;D Thanks dear for dropping in! :)Hope to see more of you here!! ::)

Nupur said...

yum yum yum !! :)

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